Company News

  • new CNC machine

    We keep investing new equipment to the latest technology to strive on the market  
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  • Two-head EDM machine delivered

    We got our new big EDM machine delivered today, will set-up and be ready to start its work by the coming Monday
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  • Causes of plastic mold failure

    Causes of plastic mold failure

    Analysis of the reasons for the failure of plastic molds. During the processing of the plastic mold factory, any deformation, cracks, skin oxidation, decarburization, etc. indicate that the mold has failed. The reason for the failure of the plastic mold is that the mold heat treatment process is...
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  • Injection Moulding!

    Injection Moulding!

          Injection Moulding is easy and simple ……… but you Need to think in plastic!  And of course you Need the Right Team and the Right Equipment.  The Challenge is to Transfer some Knowledge and the way to think in plastic!  Really, I can Tell you, this is Hard to do this Suppor...
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